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This code aims to ensure the highest standards of behavior, respect, and professionalism in pole and aerial sports.
This policy document provides guidelines for all associated with athletes in the International Pole and Aerial Sports Federation, promoting integrity, confidentiality, transparency, and accountability. It underscores ethical conduct, prohibits conflicts of interest, doping, bribery, and establishes the Entourage Commission to oversee these guidelines.
This document is a comprehensive guide to ensure integrity in sports competitions, emphasizing on the prohibition of betting, match-fixing, and non-disclosure of 'inside information'. It underscores the importance of a code of conduct, confidentiality, and cooperation with public authorities and investigation agencies to prevent corruption and maintain the sport's integrity.
This policy document endorses gender equality in sports, outlining actions to eliminate unlawful sex discrimination and harassment, and to promote equal opportunity between all genders. It addresses the social context of gender inequality, provides guidelines for single-sex provision, and specifies how breaches of the policy will be handled.
The IPSF Anti-Doping Rules, aligned with the World Anti-Doping Code, strive to uphold fair competition and a drug-free environment in pole sports by outlining prohibited substances, testing protocols, and penalties for violations, while also ensuring athlete rights and education.
The International Pole and Aerial Sports Federation (IPSF) has established Apparatus Norms to ensure the safety and consistency of equipment used in IPSF-endorsed pole and aerial sports competitions. PLEASE NOTE: This document is currently being updated.
The IPSF Athletes' Commission serves as the voice of athletes within the International Pole and Aerial Sports Federation. The commission works to promote clean sport, protect athlete rights, provide feedback on rules and regulations, and encourage the formation of similar commissions at the national level. 
The IPSF Data Protection Policy ensures the privacy and security of personal data collected from athletes, officials, and others involved in pole sports, adhering to GDPR and relevant data protection laws. The policy outlines procedures for data collection, storage, and sharing, while upholding data subject rights and emphasizing transparency and accountability in data processing practices.
The IPSF Document & Data Retention Policy outlines how the International Pole and Aerial Sports Federation manages its records, including participant, staff, and volunteer information, in compliance with data protection laws like GDPR. The policy specifies retention periods for different data types and ensures secure disposal, while also maintaining some historical records indefinitely.
The IPSF is committed to providing equal opportunities for participation in pole sports for everyone, regardless of their background or personal characteristics. We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment, and actively work to create a welcoming and respectful environment for all.
The IPSF Ethical Code of Conduct establishes guidelines for ethical behavior and conduct expected of all members within the IPSF community, including athletes, judges, coaches, federations, volunteers, and staff. The code emphasizes values such as fair play, sportsmanship, honesty, and respect, and outlines specific standards for each member group to ensure a positive and ethical environment within the sport.
This policy aims to promote the inclusion and participation of individuals with disabilities in pole sports activities. It focuses on raising awareness, increasing accessibility to training and coaching, developing best practices, and creating an inclusive scoring system.
The International Pole and Aerial Sports Federation (IPSF) has a comprehensive Privacy Notice that outlines how they collect, use, and protect the personal information of members, athletes, participants, coaches, officials, customers, and volunteers.
The IPSF has a formal process for handling complaints and disputes, ensuring confidentiality and aiming for timely resolutions through assessments, investigations, and potential appeals. The policy prioritizes fairness, impartiality, and respectful communication while addressing concerns within the International Pole and Aerial Sports Federation.
This policy document provides guidelines for all associated with youth athletes in the International Pole and Aerial Sports Federation, promoting safety and ethical guidelines for working with children. 



If you have any questions, please contact us at support@ipsfsports.org

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