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As part of becoming a recognised sport, the International Pole & Aerial Sports Federation is committed to increasing safety and continuity within pole and aerial sports. The IPSF has created a programme of certification that will be developed over the next three years in order to test and improve the safety of equipment required at all IPSF competitions and events.
The document outlines the IPSF Apparatus Norm's for Pole and Aerial Sports. These include both pole, aerial pole, hoop and truss specification for the coming year. Please be advised that all IPSF recognised competitions will be required to use the IPSF Apparatus Norms for all competitions. This includes using the pole, hoop, aerial pole and truss specifications listed. If you have any questions regarding the IPSF Apparatus Norms please contact us.
You can Download the lates Apparatus Norms Here:
Please note that the next update is due March 2024.
The following Suppliers are IPSF Certified:


 Name  Certificate Number  Start Date End Date Area Covered
 Sun Pole  001 17.08.2015 17.08.2019 Global
Pole Sport Colombia 002 30.10.2015 30.10.2019 Colombia
Levit 003 12.10.2015 12.10.2019 Brazil
Lupit 004 11.10.2015 11.10.2019 Global
TopPole 005 25.10.2018 25.10.2021 Global








If you have any questions, please contact us at support@ipsfsports.org

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