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We understand how difficult it is to get the winning routine and advice. Now we can offer you your own virtual coach in the most innovative training package ever created for competition! Have every aspect of your routine judged and analysed by one of our IPSF experts to give a full comprehensive breakdown of every section. Learn how to improve your scores with tips and techniques included for you to get the most out of the Code of Points and build that winning routine!

The IPSF Virtual Coach Service for your Personal Analysis Feedback includes the following full breakdown for:

  • Compulsory elements and bonuses with precise guidance in accordance to the minimum requirements as how to improve your scores and get the maximum number of bonus points from the elements you have chosen.
  • Technical Bonus tricks, spins and overall bonuses. Learn how to make the most of the tricks you have chosen and where you could add in some extras for a higher score. Find out also how to raise your overall bonus scores by improving certain aspects of your routine.
  • Technical Deductions with a precise detailed analysis of every moment in your programme that may receive a deduction plus an overall guidance as to how you can improve your routine to raise your score.
  • Artistic and Choreography bonuses and deductions. Understanding what will get you maximum points and how to guarantee certain scores will raise your overall score in this section with details as to how to avoid deductions too.

Your Personal Analysis Feedback will also include the following:

  • Tips and guidance for your costume
  • Review of your chosen music and how to use it to your advantage
  • Full score sheet analysis for each section
  • Recommendations for any areas of concern
  • One free submission for a summary revision

You will need to upload the following in your application form with your payment:

  1. Fully completed compulsory score sheet
  2. Fully completed technical bonus score sheet
  3. Video of your routine in accordance to the criteria required

Within 7 working days, you will receive your Personal Analysis Feedback from your IPSF Virtual Coach. After you have reviewed the analysis you then have the opportunity to resubmit your video with new compulsory and technical bonus forms for a brief summary of improvements made within 14 days.

£75 for a Complete Personal Analysis Feedback

£25 for Personal Analysis Feedback on individual sections (Compulsory, Technical Bonus, Technical Deductions, and/or Art & Choreography) - NEW!


  1. The routine for the video preliminaries in the Seniors/Doubles/Masters and Junior categories in all divisions (amateur, professional, elite) must be a minimum of three minutes and fifty seconds (3.50) to a maximum of four minutes (4.00) in duration. For the Novice category in all divisions the routine must be a minimum of three minutes and twenty seconds (3.20) to a maximum of three minutes and thirty seconds (3:30) in duration.
  2. Choreography, costume, music, hair and makeup used in video must correspond to rules stated in the IPSF National Rules and Regulations.
  3. The video must be filmed with no cuts and with good lighting; videos filmed in dark rooms or with flashing lights will not be guaranteed.
  4. No distracting sounds such as conversation in the background are accepted.
  5. No other persons besides the applicant are to be visible; please make sure whoever is filming is out of sight in a mirror.
  6. The video must be filmed upright and from an angle in front of the two poles. Videos turned sideways, upside down or from an angle may not be able to be analysed fully.
  7. The video must be clearly labelled with the athlete’s full name, division and category.
  8. The apparatus must be set up according to the apparatus norms and rules & regulations.
  9. A correctly filled in compulsory form with the chosen elements and a correctly filled in technical bonus score form, is to be submitted with the link to the video, dependent on the analysis option chosen. 
  10. For updates and current criteria see the current IPSF Code of Points per discipline.

Terms and conditions

By accepting the terms and conditions, it is acknowledged that any results from the personal analysis cannot be used as an exact prediction of the scores that may be awarded if the routine is used in competition or an exact comparison to scores that may have been awarded if the routine was used in a previous competition.  The analysis will give a precise indicator of the scores that can be expected in accordance to the current Code of Points if the routine is performed in the exact way it is presented on the video. The purpose of the analysis is to learn how to improve the scores by correcting anything that is highlighted.

The personal analysis is  viewed as being a confidential document intended only for the athlete. The analysis is done independently of any judges, head judge or competition organisers of any IPSF competition the routine will be used for. The virtual coach will not discuss or inform any persons other than the athlete who has requested the service about any information determined in the analysis. 

The service will take seven (7) working days to complete from the date of acknowledgement and will be sent via email to the email address listed on the original application form. 

There are no refunds or transfers of any monies paid for the service when the score sheets and video have been upload.  Once the analysis feedback has been sent, there will be one opportunity to submit an updated video for resubmission within fourteen days (14) in which the athlete will receive a feedback summary. 

Video filming criteria must be adhered to as a representation of what is accepted in an IPSF competition. Any video received that does not adhere to this cannot be guaranteed a precise analysis, as IPSF rules and regulations will be included within the feedback.



If you have any questions, please contact us at

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