Level 1 - Competitions Organiser

 “Organise a safe, transparent and fair competition in line with the International Pole Sports Federation competition guidelines.”


The IPSF Level 1 Certificate in Competition Organisation is the first step on the Training Pathway for all IPSF endorsed event organisers. The qualification focuses on understanding the structure of an IPSF competition, the health and safety expectations, the before, during and after roles of the organiser and working with judges and athletes. 


Who is this course designed for?

This Level 1 Certificate in Competition Organisation is suitable for:

  • Federations and competitions organisers who have been endorsed by the IPSF
  • Those in the process of having their competition endorsed
  • This course is not open for general application

What level does the level 1 certificate qualify me to do?

The course will qualify the successful candidate to:

  • Host a safe and transparent IPSF competition
  • Event organise and manage all sections of an IPSF competition
  • Plan competitions and work towards deadlines
  • Work with the IPSF systems, rules and criteria

What are the pre-requsite to attend the course?

Candidates are required to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age on the first day of the course
  • Have some experience of pole sports
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of what is required when executing the elements of pole sports and the technicalities required when participating in it
  • Have previous experience in event organisation
  • Courses must be completed before the competition launch date of the championships

In order to help you to decide whether to apply for the course we have provided some self check questions that will help you:

  • Has your competition been endorsed or is in the process of endorsement with the IPSF?
  • Have you attended a Code of Points Training or IPSF Judges Training?

If you are unsure about any of the information above please do not hesitate to contact the EPIC team.

How is the course delivered?

The IPSF Level 1 Certificate in Competition Organisation will be delivered by an accredited EPIC tutor. It will be split into the following phases:

Phase 1 - Pre-course study - Read the IPSF Code of Points, National Rules and Regulations, Anti-Doping and the Competition Organisers Rules. Learn about pre-competition planning and answer questions.

Please note this will take approximately 5 hours and must be completed before attending the tutor led training.

Phase 2 - 3 hour tutor led training (via the WebEx online platform)

Phase 3 - Written assessment - Multiple choice assessments to include questions on all elements of the course.

Throughout the taught programme the theoretical “Understanding IPSF event organisation” skills are threaded through the technical “How to” skills, both by discussion and review of the documentation. As a result you will have many opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback on the various elements of competition organisation you have learnt. You will be assessed through an independent online assessment within two weeks of the end of the course.

Successful candidates that achieve 80% pass rate or more will receive a certificate.

Course objectives

On successful completion of the Level 1 Certificate in Competition Organisation, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the key elements of IPSF rules, regulations and ethical code
  • Identify how to work with the judge's team
  • Identify the roles of the competition team
  • Identify staging requirement
  • Identify athlete requirements
  • Identify the IPSF promotional requirements
  • Identify areas of event health and safety required
  • Maintain high standards of behaviour with athletes, coaches and officials

Demonstrate an understanding of:

  • Code of points.
  • National rules and the WPSC rules
  • Divisions and categories
  • Form filling and paperwork
  • Deadlines
  • Athlete and judges penalties
  • Preliminaries, qualifications and finals
  • Working with athletes, attitudes and ethics.
  • The safety of poles, staging, rigging, athletes, staff and audience members


All candidates will receive high quality downloadable resources to support the qualification.  These will include an induction pack, all documentation for an IPSF competition, IPSF Code of Points, rules and regulations and a resource sheet to support the core learning outcomes.

Booking & Cost

Cost - €15 - This course is only open to IPSF recognised event organisers.



If you have any questions, please contact us at support@ipsfsports.org

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