IPSF Athletes Commission

Working with athletes towards the future of Pole and Aerial


The mission of an IPSF Athletes’ Commission (hereafter “Commission”) is:
  •  To represent the views and opinions of the athletes ensuring their voice is heard within the IPSF;
  • To inform athletes about the IPSF activities (i.e. educational tools, rules and regulations);
  • To work with and support the IPSF in its mission to develop and promote the sport; and
  • To encourage National Federations to develop Athletes‘ Commissions.


The objectives of the Commission are:
  • To consider issues related to athletes and provide advice to the IPSF;
  • To Engage actively with initiatives and projects that protect and support clean athletes on and off the field of play;
  • To represent the rights and interests of athletes and to make related recommendations, (for example the appointment of arbitrators by the International Council of Arbitration for Sport (ICAS);
  • To consult with athletes in the evalution of the rules and regulations of their respective sport and subsequently provide feedback to the IPSF; and
  • To maintain contact with the IOC Athletes’ Commission when appropriate.


IPSF National Federations are required to select athletes from within their country who meet the criteria in 3 to be put forward for the IPSF Athletes’ Commission. Each candidate will participate in an election. All athletes registered as members of a National Federation are eligible to vote.
Once the Commission members have been voted in, they will hold an internal election to determine the Chair.
For full details about the Athletes Commission, please download the document HERE.
The first meeting for the Commission will be held in October to vote in the Chair and set a schedule of work for the next competitive year.



If you have any questions, please contact us at support@ipsfsports.org

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