Certified National Pole Coaches

Please find the list of Qualified IPSF National Pole Coaches Below. 
This list was last updated on 30 May 2024.
  • Australia

    Jude Perrett
    Suvarna Variyar

  • Belgium

    Jonathan Martin

  • Brazil

    Alessandra Rancan True
    Juliana Silva

  • France

    Esther Lim
    Ghislaine Nieto
    Isabelle Seneze
    Lygie Alloké
    Madleen Rochat
    Sandrine Taravel
    Sarah Philippeaux
    Stefania Celato

  • Germany

    Amalia Lang
    Caroline Lange
    Steffi Klemm
    Valerie Ruddat
    Yvonne Christine Meyer

  • Greece

    Alexandra Vaxevani

  • Japan

    Ayano Ishiyama
    Kanako Suda
    Marina Yamaguchi

  • The Netherlands

    Abigaïl Vis
    Cindy Cooijmans
    Dineke Minten
    Esther Brama Diependaal
    Irina Canciu
    Roos Bouwman
    Soraya Boekens
    Tirsa Hagen-Meijerink

  • South Africa

    Daniella Baker

  • Spain

    Gema Arroyo Carreras
    Estefania Arroyo Carreras

  • Sweden

    Alexandra Spännar Brus
    Catrin Davidson
    Marielle Harris
    Silvia Bengtsson

  • Switzerland

    Kevin Lopes
    Kim Gartmann

  • Poland

    Joanna Pachowicz
    Katarzyna Kamizelich-Sroka
    Piotr Szczepanik

  • UK

    Carla Stoker



If you have any questions, please contact us at support@ipsfsports.org

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